Your $5K Launch Plan Part 1

 Have you launched a program or product before? What about a new service?

There are multiple ways to do it and I’m going to share with you my strategies for a successful $5K Launch.

In fact, I’m sure as a women-preneur, you’ve had certain anxieties about your business and growth and have probably asked yourself questions like:

“What is my next month going to look like?”
“Am I all set to rock it for fall/spring/the new year?”
“Is my list big enough?”

“Do I have excited potential buyers ready to rock it out with me in my new programs?”

I’m sure you have these voices going on in your head and trust me, it’s normal.

Whether you’ve launched an online program in the past or not, the steps I share with you in this post will help you get your launch set up for success.

This is where YOU come in!

YOU are the expert, YOU have the solution and only YOU can help your ideal niche and audience achieve their goals.

So let’s take a really quick dive into what your next launch COULD look like if you get started today!

Ready for it?

Let’s say you design a quick and easy to follow 7-day, 10-day or 21-day detox/cleanse/jumpstart/reboot program.

This is totally doable.

You can whip together a healthy detox friendly meal plan, add in recipes, create a quick success checklist, and I’m sure you already have information you can repurpose to give – for example – information on digestion, hormones, exercise, maybe you even have a workout program you could offer as a bonus or you have tips on how to de-stress?

Either way, I am SURE you have tons of information you can already pull together. Give yourself 3-5 days to put it all together and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a low-barrier program to offer to people.

What about design? Simply put this entire program into a WORD document, head on over to and hire someone for FIVE BUCKS to design you a nice and elegant ebook.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to sell.
You can share this program via social media, your email list and anybody and everybody!

I literally talk to people in the grocery store line. Clients are everywhere, just get talking and show people how excited you are to do the work you do!

Pick the dates your “cart will be open.”
You offer your program for $79 (complete with a meal plan, Facebook group support, recipes, handouts, workouts and tons of community support!).

You enrol 15 people (totally doable!)

That’s 15 x $79 = $1185

During your program you connect with your participants, offer tips in your Facebook group, share more recipes, maybe even do some Live Facebook Q&A. Bottom line, you show them more about who you are and really build a relationship with them.

After the cleanse, you invite your participants to book in a 30-minute complimentary call to discuss how the cleanse went, what their goals are, what more they would like to achieve with their health and of course, offer them some tips to move forward.
The point of these calls is to enrol them into your higher priced programs and services.

Maybe this is group coaching, or one-on-one single coaching sessions, or a 3 month service or 8 week package.

So you book 7 complimentary calls out of the 15.

4 of those calls take you up on your premium coaching services at $997. 
That’s 4 x $997 = $3988.

Sweet right?

This means that your total revenue from your online program + private coaching for January = $5186.

This is why offering a low cost program is great for getting you higher paying clients and selling out your more premium services.

Best part is, you know have a completed online program that you can offer again in just a few months!

These numbers are also conservative.

Perhaps you already have an online program worth $197 or your premium coaching is $1500?

Either way, it’s totally possible to bring in $5K next month from simply a low-barrier program.

So you might be wondering what are the best ways to promote your program and enrol people?

I’ll be sharing lots of tips and strategies in my Part 2, so be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me and let me know. Just click here to send me an email and let’s connect.