Your $5K Launch Plan Part 2

There was such an amazing response to last weeks 5K Launch Plan email, which makes sharing today’s email even more exciting because clearly, you’re interested in this info!

And there’s a good chance you’re in creation mode right now, or I’ve been getting your “what program do I launch” wheels turning!

So… let’s dive into promotion. {WARNING – Lots of amazing content ahead!}

Now that you’ve got your program set to go and you’re excited to launch, you’re probably thinking, “who the heck is going to buy my product?”

Good question!

Well, your niche is going to buy your product.

Remember this, if you’re speaking to everybody, you’re speaking to NOBODY!

So if you’re launching a cleanse/detox/reboot, WHO is that really for?

Is it for peri-menopausal women who are stressed, fatigued and putting everyone else ahead of them and feel lost with what to cook for dinner?

Or is it for 30-something entrepreneurs who are on the-go, eat fast food, gaining weight and feel completely lost with nutrition?

Whoever it is, it’s important to mention these things as you market.

For example, when I send out an email about my 30 day transformation program or my 3 month coaching program, I state boldly who will benefit from my program and who won’t benefit from my program.

This isn’t limiting you, this is bringing you the RIGHT customers and clients.

So let’s look at a few ways to promote your program:

  1. Speaking/Events – what companies can you speak at? Do you have friends that work at these companies who can connect you with the right person? What about local gyms? Yoga Studios? Health Food Stores? There are plenty of places you can speak at. And remember, this is a FREE talk. Who wouldn’t want you to come in and offer value to their customers or employees for FREE?

But here’s what’s key! You HAVE to collect email addresses. Just simply hand out a sign up sheet and let all the participants know that you have some free info you’ll be sending them later. This way you can email them a follow up and gently promote your programs and offers if they are interested in working with you further. EASY!

2. Social Media – this one is a given. But here’s how you can stand out. Get yourself over to and sign up for a free account. You can create beautiful images that are perfect for posting on social media. You can also create Facebook ads, ebook covers and TONS of other stuff to! You’ll love this site!

Create images that relate to your cleanse/detox/reboot program, but more importantly, point to the benefits and/or pain points. For example, I might create an image that includes a raspberry smoothie and then add some text that speaks about how beneficial raspberries are for cancer, anti-aging and support liver detoxification due to their vitamin C content.

Then in my post I mention how this is one of the smoothies in my detox program. I might say something like,

“Ready for a reboot? This delicious raspberry smoothie is loaded with nutrients to cleanse the liver, support hormonal balance and give you glowing skin. You’ll find this smoothie and 10 others in my 14 Day Liver Detox program. It’s the perfect program for anyone looking to balance hormones, clear their skin, kick PMS to the curb and get their energy back!” 

I would suggest creating 7 or 8 images you can use on Instagram and Facebook during your launch period. You can rotate through your images and ALWAYS be sure to share the link to your sales page where people can sign up and when using Instagram, be sure your link is in your profile.

  1. Your email list – If you don’t currently have a list, don’t worry. You definitely want to start building this asap, but in the meantime, you have lots of other platforms, i.e.. social media, that you can use. But if you do have a list, great! 2-3 weeks leading up to your launch, start to send newsletters that are FULL of valuable information and really point to the pain points that relate to your offering.

Share recipes, share detox tips and strategies, share a personal health story of breakdowns and breakthroughs. If you have before and afters of clients, share those! It’s all about sharing content that relates to your program and get’s people excited about what’s to come.

  1. Your blog/website – write articles/blog posts that relate to your program. Think of this just like sending a newsletter to your list, it’s just now in the form of a blog. You would technically do the same as above, i.e., share recipes, tips, tricks, detox strategies, but you can share more content, add in images, etc. At the end of your blog, be sure to mention that your detox program is launching soon. Do you have waiting list they can sign up on? If so, great! Be sure to share this link EVERYWHERE so you have a targeted list of people you can promote to.

Be sure to share these articles/blogs on Facebook. This will increase traffic to your site and generate interest for your program.

  1. Facebook ads – if you have the budget for ads, this is a great way to promote your program. However, just sending someone to a sales page to buy your product without them really knowing who you are isn’t the best idea, this is why sending them to a blog post or a free opt-in is best. This way you can get them on your list and promote to them that way.

Ads are great as you can target specific audiences and grow your list fairly quick. If your cleanse/detox/reboot is something you’ll be running 2 or 3 times a year, think of a free opt-in that compliments your program. Then you can build your list with your free opt-in –> send newsletters and high value info to your list –> then sell your program to your list.

  1. Podcasts – there are TONS of podcasts these days and all you simply need to do is write out a list of the ones you’d like to be featured on, send off an email to the producer or host, tell them who are and the value you can bring to their audience and let them know you’d love to be a guest. Done. Podcasts are always looking for new people to interview and this is a great way to get your message out to the world and promote your programs.
  1. Webinars – The 5 Best Strategies to Balance Your Hormones and Shed Excess Weight. What woman wouldn’t sign up for that webinar? Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience, share about who you are and what you do, plus you can share amazing information that relates to your program. You can either sell right from your webinar during your ‘cart-open’ period, or use webinars to grow your list.

Have I exhausted your brain yet or what?

There are multiple ways to promote your program, what’s important is that you take the time to map out your launch period, what your strategy is going to be, get organized, and start to DO the work.

Happy launching!