Spend 5 hours with me to create a strategic and simplified plan so that you can build, grow and scale your online business.

VIP Private Coaching

The fact of the matter is, most practitioners struggle to get consistent clients and in order to have a demand and desire for your paid offers, your free content has to create a demand and desire in the first place.

There are three areas you need to focus on in order to bring in more clients, more sales and more demand:

Know your niche

Understand lead generation

Know how to sell


Unfortunately, many of us go the backwards route of growing a business.

We spend money designing a pretty website and expect clients will magically land on our sites and hire us. I hate to bust your bubble but, that’s NOT how to get clients.

There’s SO much info out there that it’s confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating just trying to figure out where to start. So all this glorious info is actually keeping you from making any progress in your business, because you can’t figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing!

Deep breaths!

I’m here to bring you clarity, confidence and clients.

Join me for a VIP private coaching day where I’ll help you map out how grow your business and make more money.

I’ll take you through the 3 pillars of growing and scaling your business, signing
up your next 10 clients and hitting your first (or next) 5-figure month.

Pillar #1

Pillar #2

Pillar #3

Niche training.

Imagine if your dream customer:

Knew exactly what you did from 10 seconds of creeping on your IG bio or website. A confused customer walks away. Let's fix that.

Clicked that buy now button, ninja fast!

Commented & DM’d you 'I need to work with you!'

Joined your group coaching program without hesitation

Applied to be on your Network marketing team in a hot minute.

I’ll teach you the exact strategies for nailing your niche so you can bring in more clients and make more moola!

Legendary Lead Gen.

If you don’t have leads, you have no one to sell to. Let’s change that! I’ll cover:

How to attract your ideal clients who will pay you the big bucks

Help you identify the ONE thing you’re doing that’s actually repelling customers (#truestory!)

The simple and practical ways you can open that unlimited source of more leads, more money, and more opportunities coming your way (on the daily)

how to create binge-worthy content that makes your audience buy

Mastering Sales Calls and Overcoming Objections.

Ever freeze up on sales calls? Don’t feel confident pitching your offers? Scared to talk about your price? Let’s give you a sales call confident boost. In this session I’ll cover:

The 5 most important questions to ask on a sales call

How to show up as a bad-ass leader on your sales calls, webinars or live videos

How to get people to actually show up for calls and not ghost you

How to fill your calendar with prospects each month

How to confidently overcome objections when you hear “that’s too expensive” or “let me ask my husband”

Hot Seat and Q&A

After a full day of learning and having your mind blown (seriously, you’ll learn things that will literally be a gamechanger for your business), I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions. We’ll spend time diving into your most pressing questions and uncover the things (ie. Mental blocks) holding you back from your next level of growth.

Wherever you feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed – let me help you get UNSTUCK. No question is stupid or off-limits.  Ask me anything and let me help bring you the clarity you need to grow your business, make an impact and increase your income.

Why joining me for this VIP-day is a no-brainer:

I kept it insanely affordable for you. #StealMyBrain. And if you take action, you will make your money back x 10.

If you don't feel clear on your niche, you'll get burnt out trying to create content on social media. Step 1 to any successful business is knowing WHO you are speaking to. Don't waste time (your most valuable asset) spinning your wheels.

If you don’t know how to confidently sell, how will your business grow? Learning how to sell is a skill – which means – YOU CAN LEARN IT. I’ll teach it to you in 60 mins.

You need to become fluent in marketing if you ever want to grow and scale your business – PERIOD. What you’ll learn in ONE day will change the trajectory of your business – guaranteed.


ANNNND, there’s more!

I’ll hook you up with some extra goodies:

My sales calls script outline (so you can confidently convert prospects into buyers)
My simplify your sales 20+ page workbook (so you can outline your 6-figure strategy)
Niche training handouts (so you can nail your niche NOW)
My 10+ page Instagram growth workbook so you can get super clear on content creation and what to post (that will actually bring you clients!)

This VIP coaching day is for you.

As much as I have important pillars to cover and coach you through, it’s about helping YOU uncover the areas you need the most support in, whether that be sales, lead gen, social media, signature program creation or high barrier offers. We’ll spend 5 hours together creating a strategic and simplified plan so that you can build, grow and scale your online business.

This VIP coaching day is 5 hours and scheduled from 10-3 EST, with a 30-min lunch break scheduled in between. Spots are limited to 3 a month. Click below to book your VIP day in now.

$1800 or 2 payments of $900