The Formula for Success

I was recently at a Nutrition seminar specific for a course I’m enrolled in and I sat back and paid attention to the other practitioners in the room who were looking for answers as to how to grow their practice.

Now we were there learning about insulin, metabolism, sports nutrition and a host of other topics and it was very interactive.

We got to share what we’ve been doing with our clients and what’s been working and not working for them, which lead into conversation about how many clients we’re seeing each month, to what we’re charging and so on and so on.

It was clear that not only did these practitioners want health information, but they got really engaged when the topic changed to business, success and growth.

Do you ever find that you go to a seminar, or attend an online webinar, in the hopes that you’re going to GET THE ANSWER to growing your business?

That this ONE webinar or this ONE person is going to give you the exact formula to success and you’re going to walk away knowing exactly what you need to do?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I know the feeling ALL to well.

Now I’m all for duplicating or mimicking what others are doing in the industry. I mean, I have many mentors who are incredible at writing sales copy, know exactly how to word-smith a webinar, are amazing at creating sales funnels OR health professionals that have amazing branding, incredible online programs and amazing client systems in place.

I take this and make it MY OWN. There is no COPYING here, but taking something that has already been done and reworking it to make it work for you!

Theres no reason to recreate the wheel, it’s just about recreating in your own way, so it represents you and your message.

So then what exactly is the formula to success?

As I sat there during the nutrition seminar listening to others get overwhelmed about not having enough clients or not knowing what to charge and more than anything – under charging, I realized one simple thing.


It’s all about consistency.

I’ve been coaching for over 12 years now and its only been in the last 3 years where I decided to jump fully into the online space.

And here’s what I can tell you:

I’ve been consistent.

Not every day, or even every week (because I am human after all).

But consistently putting out content, writing, launching programs, giving talks, hosting webinars, writing my weekly newsletters, asking for referrals, investing in myself, learning marketing and more than anything, SHOWING UP.

As each year passes, my following grows, my clients referrals grow, my online programs fill with more people, I hear more and more thank you’s from people implementing my advice (even if it’s just free advice from my site), my income increases and more opportunities show up.

It’s all about consistency.

Not every day is easy and there are some serious emotional ups and downs, but I consistently work for my dreams because I know with each little step (big or small), day by day, a little becomes a lot.

Are you being consistent in your business?

What areas might you need to be more consistent in? Is it writing? Creating videos? Posting on social media and connecting with your audience more frequently?

Whatever it is, schedule it in! Because if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.

I hope this message helps you to become more consistent in your business and to fully show up for your dreams.

Now get to it!