Are You Out of Integrity? (and why it affects your success)

Today, I need to address a seriously important topic.


Where are you out of integrity? Don’t know? It’s time to make a list.

I want you take out a piece of paper and write down all of your out-of-integrities.

Maybe it’s lack of exercise, not eating well, having a messy bedroom, having piled up laundry, a dirty bathroom, lack of sleep, an erratic schedule, no routine, a seriously messy desk or workspace, a pile of disorganized bills, relationships that no longer serve you. Ok… you get the idea.

I mean everything. Not just in relation to your business, but in every area of your life.

Your out-of-integrities are exhausting youThis I can promise you.

If you want to move forward with anything in your life, especially creating and building an online business, you better get your shit in order.

Now I understand that we are not perfect and not everything is going to be in meticulous order everyday, that’s understandable. But I’m talking about the every day things that should be in order.

Like your diet, moving your body and committing to health (I mean, let’s face it, you are selling health, right?), a clean and organized desk, going to bed on time and waking up early (routine), you get it, right?

When I am in integrity with myself, my life has an incredible grace, ease and flow to it. Things come to me with ease, I am confident, I feel at peace, I have my shit together – mentally, physically and emotionally. I basically feel like I can take on anything!

I have the same routine (for the most part) every day. I get up at 8am, I make tea, I write in my journal, I take a moment to enjoy my tea and reflect. I write down affirmations and what I’m grateful for, then I eat breakfast.

Then I open my agenda and map out the important things that need to get done for the day. In fact, my week is planned way in advance. I know on Mondays I write, Tuesdays I schedule in coaching calls and so on and so on.

I plan, I commit to a schedule and most importantly, I do my absolute best to make my health a priority, keep my house clean (I can’t even start working for the day until my bed is made) and stay in Integrity with myself.

Why is this important?

Because it’s not what you’re doing that matters, it’s HOW YOU’RE BEING. 

I attract clients and have a successful business because of how I am BEING. I am BEING success, I am BEING grateful, I am BEING confident, I am BEING in integrity, I am BEING organized, I am BEING healthy, I am BEING fabulous, I am BEING extraordinary.

People see this, they feel this, they want it.

You can’t BE if you are out of integrity.

Greatness is in me and greatness is in you. YOU just have to clear the mental, physical and emotional clutter (both external and internal), daily, in order to BE great.

The doing part is easy; writing blogs, writing sales copy, creating ebooks and programs, building lists and sending newsletters. None of this will be successful if I am BEING out of integrity with myself.

Need someone to share your out of integrities with? I’m all ears. Write them out and email them to me. It’s time you get in integrity with yourself, your goals and desires and start making them become a reality.

P.S. In the past, I spent 7 years in a relationship that did not serve me, I did drugs, I partied, I worked in a bar until wee hours of the morning, I slept in, I went to class late (or skipped it altogether), I ate fast food, I drank.

Goals – unclear. Money – broke. Dreams – distant.

What’s the vision you have for your future? Whatever it is, you need to BE it now.