Want to get unapologetically rich and fill your health business with a consistent flow of qualified, “ready-to-buy” clients?

Ya – I thought so!

There’s a good chance you’ve repeatedly told yourself that no one will spend high end dollars coaching with you, or that’s its impossible to have a six-figure (or multi six figure) business working in the health and wellness space, or perhaps you’ve blamed the Instagram algorithm for your lack of consistent clients?

There’s a good chance you’re spinning your wheels trying to:

Design your website (and investing lots of money to do so).

Deciding on your brand colors (boring!)

Posting all day on social media (or wasting your time scrolling)

And…Investing in health course after health course after health course thinking the more initials you have after your name, the more successful you’ll be.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but you’re focusing on ALL the wrong things.

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort

The 9-Month

Align and Lead Business Mentorship Program

Now enrolling for the January 2023 Cohort!

Spots are limited to 20 students



I got my money’s worth within the first week of this mentorship program. You helped to push me outside of my comfort zone, create funnels and webinars which consistently brought in a steady stream of paying clients. This program was a game changer



"I'm going to surpass $100K this year, in my first year of business! The business mentorship was exactly what I needed to define and grow my holistic health business. I could not have dreamed of a better duo than Sam and Vanessa. Sam helped me to develop a vision, figure out pricing, and gain insight into my own self sabotage. Vanessa helped me to understand the tech side of running your own business, because there are so many moving pieces to navigate. For me, it was literally like learning to speak a new language. I now have a set of tools and the confidence to grow my business. I would not be where I am today without these ladies."



“I was undercharging and Sam helped me confidently double my rates. I sold $9K in ONE WEEK!

Been there, done that!

I graduated from Nutrition School over 12 years ago and could not wait to start my own business and help clients transform their health. I had a website up, listed out all my 1-1 services and blogged regularly.

I blogged about mens health, kids health, womens health, shared recipes and everything in between. The problem – when you’re speaking to EVERYONE, you’re speaking to NO ONE.

I wasn’t aware of this concept or understood the importance of having a niche at the time, so I continued on doing what I ‘thought’ would bring me clients, but it clearly wasn’t working. No one came banging down my door to work with me and so I went on to work in the health space – managing health foods stores, being a sales rep for a supplement company and guess what – I got fired. TWICE!

Truth is, I’m unemployable and I had a burning desire to carve my own business path doing what I love and having complete freedom over my time and finances.

So I hired a coach. I invested my time and money in learning everything I could about branding, online marketing, sales copy, launching group programs, sales, webinars, social media and well… you name it.

Marketing became a passion of mine and I got REALLY good at it.


Having the marketing skills in my back pocket helped me create a multi-6-figure business and brand, launch one of Canada’s top podcasts with over 1MM downloads and get a book deal, which lead to being an amazon best seller.

This all didn’t happen on a whim – I got support, accountability, created a strategy and plan – the very things you are most likely missing and causing you to feel like a failure or that your goals of being a successful health practitioner or coach are so-far-out-reach.

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort

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There are KEY things you must have in place to grow to your first six figures and beyond…

You have to be clear on who your ideal client and audience is

You need to know what problems you solve and what solutions you provide

You need to have something to sell potential clients that meets their unique needs

You need to learn how to generate leads otherwise, you’ll have no one to sell too!

You need to have a simple rinse and repeat selling system (yes, this is where tech comes in)

You need to know how to clearly communicate to your audience and position yourself as the expert.

Don’t panic.

Inside my 9-Month Align and Lead Business Mentorship program I will personally coach you and take you by the hand to help you create your rinse and repeat sales system that will help you bring in your dream clients and a whole lotta cash.


Building an online business takes work, discipline and commitment. It also takes a whole lotta confidence to show up online, be visible, get in front of your audience and be willing to make mistakes.

I’m here to teach you the inside-out strategy to building a business with ease. To help you stand in your power as a coach, build your confidence and value your service as a coach or practitioner.

Bottom line – I got you XO

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort. Apply Now!



I launched my very first group signature coaching program which Sam helped me create and made $9K in my first launch. I got so much clarity on creating and writing content to attract my dream clients that my calendar was FULL of sales calls. It was amazing and such a nice shift from having to find clients. Now they find me, on the regular!”



“This program helped me find my confidence. I was undercharging for my 3 month weight loss program and finally got the courage to increase my rates. I sold 4 new clients at $2450 each in ONE WEEK!"

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Business Mentorship Phases

A Breakdown of Your 9-month Journey With Us


Money Mindset, Getting Clear on Your Niche + Building Your Lead Generation Funnel
  • Money Mindset Class
  • Client Avatar Training
  • Lead Generation Training
  • Strategy & Lead Generation call w/ Sam (we’ll discuss your avatar, lead generation strategy, and building your first funnel plus mindset coaching)
  • Onboarding Call w/ Vanessa (diving into tech platforms, business goals and copy writing for your lead magnet)
  • Creating Your Lead Magnet
  • List Building
  • Copy Writing Support


Second Lead Generation Funnel (Let’s Create A Webinar Funnel!), Pricing, Services and Sales
  • Higher End Service Funnel (1:1 coaching)
  • Building Your Webinar Funnel
  • Further List Building
  • Test Paid Traffic with Lead Magnet Funnel (which has been tested and converts @ 20% or higher)
  • Copy Writing Support


Amplify Your Sales + Continued List Growth
  • Paid Traffic (FB + IG Ads)
  • Lower Barrier Product Funnel (group coaching)
  • Copy Writing Support
  • Emailing Your List 1x-2x per week

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort. Apply now to get a bonus month inside of the Align & Lead Mentorship Program!

One-On-One Tech Support Included

Are you ready to create a seamless system for your business that converts into more leads, more sales and more EASE in your day to day life? Then you’re in the right place.

Inside the Align & Lead Business Mentorship we work with you one-on-one to master the systems inside your business with more ease and flow -- you know, the whole funnels-tech-copywriting thing! 

The tech doesn't have to be a nightmare to set up.

The copywriting doesn't have to take you days/weeks/months to get done.

You CAN enjoy the process.

What exactly does the tech team do?
What will I walk away from this mentorship with?

We’re glad you asked! When you work with our tech team, you’re working with us one-on-one to build your tech + funnels and support you while you learn the art of copywriting.

You’ll walk away from this mentorship with…

A lead magnet funnel (so you can consistently bring in new leads)

A webinar funnel (so you can promote or launch your product or service with confidence)

A sales funnel (so you can make consistent sales!!)

A better understanding of the principles of copywriting(ever just wanted someone to review your copy so you know you’re on the right track? Yup, we do that too!)

A confident understanding of how to generate leads, sell programs and automate your program delivery so you can simultaneously sip on a smoothie, make $$ and serve your clients WITHOUT having to be chained to your laptop 24/7 (the ultimate dream!)

Tech platforms that will work for your specific business goals (we don’t force you to choose a specific platform, though we do have a few highly recommended platforms that we choose because they’re intuitive and user-friendly)


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Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 10.06.08 AM
Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 10.11.35 AM


"My decision to join Samantha’s business program was the best decision I made in 2020.  I had decided what niche I wanted to practice in as a holistic nutritionist. I had a program in place, I could see it was successful and working well but I had no idea how to put it out there. I didn’t know how to get noticed in the virtual space!
Samantha and her team helped me get crystal clear on my niche and lead generation, which helped me with how I write my posts and connect with the virtual world. Samantha helped me put together a Lead Magnet and a Webinar to start attracting my ideal clients. She was very generous in her advice and made every minute of our hourly appointments count. In her program Samantha also made sure I am clear on my pricing and short term and long term expectations and what is best for my business moving forward.
I am so grateful to Samantha and Vanessa for showing me how to put my business out there in the online space. I believe in truly connecting and serving my clients to my best abilities and they supported my vision and helped me do exactly this!
You are true rockstars! The most beautiful part is you’re helping wellness practitioners be seen and turn their work into a successful online practice, and in turn help even more people on their own wellness journey!! I quadrupled my monthly sales since I started working with Samantha’s team!"

My team and I here to show you exactly what to focus on to be profitable, to do what matters so that you can ditch the rest. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of business you want to build?

Let’s create a financial breakthrough together. Here’s what it looks like inside the Business Mentorship Program:

3 one-on-one personal coaching calls with your strategy coach during each phase of the mentorship– so that we can get super clear on your zone of genius and create the EXACT plan of action you need to take to hit your goals

8 hrs working with our content director, copywriter and tech coach – our tech coaches will help build your funnels, set up and design your sales pages, help you with your copy and basically take the tech off your hands

Weekly group coaching training calls where we dive into the nitty gritty of getting clear on your niche, creating your online programs, rocking sales calls and overcoming objections, facebook ad trainings, lead magnets, lead generation and everything you need to grow and scale your business

Access to our membership site – were we upload all our training replays and house all our content and worksheets
 (you get lifetime access to this!)

Templates, done for you webinar slides, funnel emails and sales scripts – ALL DONE for you. Use these templates as you create your own funnels and just simply follow our system 

Access to tech trainings so that you can learn the basics of using systems like aweber, lead pages, paypal invoicing, running facebook ads, Instagram and so much more (you get lifetime access to these trainings!) 

And most importantly, our mentorship is a container for you to step into your power as a leader, to shed the fear and doubts of not being good enough and to call in the type of life, business, community and finances that you are so deserving of.

It’s time to ditch the old school bro-marketing way of hustling and grinding your way to more money. If I hear one more ‘masculine-internet-marketing-guru” sell their 6-week program to become a millionaire, I just might lose my S**T!

The Align & Lead Business Mentorship

A Breakdown of Your 9-month Journey With Us

Best Value


$9,000 One-Time Payment
  • 3 One-on-One Strategy Coaching Calls
  • Tech Strategy Call
  • Custom Built Webinar Funnel
  • Custom Built Webinar Funnel
  • Custom Built Sales Funnel
  • Weekly Group Coaching Training Calls
  • Monthly Tech Trainings
  • Monthly Co-Working Sessions
  • Copy Writing Support
  • Access to Membership Site
  • Done for You Webinar Slides
  • Done for You Email Templates
  • Social Media, Lead Magnet & Paid Traffic Templates
Most Flexible

Monthly Payments

$9,500 9 Monthly Payments
  • 3 One-on-One Strategy Coaching Calls
  • Tech Strategy Call
  • Custom Built Webinar Funnel
  • Custom Built Webinar Funnel
  • Custom Built Sales Funnel
  • Weekly Group Coaching Training Calls
  • Monthly Tech Trainings
  • Monthly Co-Working Sessions
  • Copy Writing Support
  • Access to Membership Site
  • Done for You Webinar Slides
  • Done for You Email Templates
  • Social Media, Lead Magnet & Paid Traffic Templates

– PLUS –


BONUS Tech Trainings

BONUS Simplify Your Sales eBook

BONUS Social Media Growth Workbook

BONUS Done-For-You High Converting Lead Magnet

BONUS FREE Access to New Paid Business Workshops

COACHING CLASS REPLAYS available on demand

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort.

Apply now to get a bonus month inside of the Align & Lead Mentorship Program!

We need authentic leadership.

We need coaches and practitioners that actually give a shit, are here to do the work, show up and be in service and are ready to get unapologetically wealthy doing what they love.

Imagine what you can create in this lifetime with more money, more heart and being able to coach and support more people globally?

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort. Apply Now!



“Samantha helped me refine and tweak my webinar inside and out. She gave me the confidence to go out and sell my program with much more confidence and clarity. After running my first webinar I signed up 40 coaches into my program. FORTY!!”



"I just would like to say thank you for all the knowledge! After the Sales Training coaching call I started applying the knowledge in my practice and I am happy to say I got 10 new clients in a month. I now have a 60% conversion rate on sales calls. I have more confidence when talking with my prospects and I am sure I will continue to improve this conversion once I apply all the knowledge I got from the course"

Who We Are


Meet Samantha Gladish, Women’s Health & Wealth Advocate.

I'm also a cat lover and No BS Business Mentor.

I created and started my company Holistic Wellness Inc. over 15 years ago with the goal to help transform women’s health and hormones. From coaching women in over 20 countries, launching a successful podcast, creating multiple online coaching programs, working with thousands of women 1-1 and writing a book, its safe to say I’ve accomplished many of my business goals. Until, I ended up on a quest to help thousands of women globally liberate themselves financially - not just so that they have choice (and the ability to self-fund their beautifully unconventional lives)...  but also to inspire them to use that monetary leverage to create social, political and environmental justice.

To do good in the world. To help people. To be of service. And to create a life and business they are so damn proud of.


Meet Vanessa Fioretti, your Head Tech Coach

Funnel Builder and Copywriting Expert 

Hi, I’m Vanessa! Over the past 7 years I’ve been creating meaningful content and designing killer sales funnels for practitioners and leaders who promote health & wellbeing. I’ve worked on HUNDREDS of launches and have helped clients generate multiple six-figure and seven-figure businesses. 

I work with students inside the business mentorship to create content, funnels and systems that (with consistency) convert into sales. This level of support will help to free up some bandwidth so you can finally focus on growing your business + serving your clients — instead of stressing about the tech and copy.

Part of my mission is to teach and empower fellow entrepreneurs on how to run the backend of their online business with more clarity and ease.

If you’re looking to set up a seamless system for your online business AND infuse your content with meaning and integrity — you’re in the right place.

Applications are open for the Jan 2023 Cohort. Apply Now!

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