How to Get Focused for More Revenue and Results

I’m curious, have you spent time thinking about what your year ahead will look like? Are you getting focused and setting goals?

I think it’s safe to say we all lack focus at one time or another, especially with our busy entrepreneurial brains, it’s easy to get distracted and jump into numerous projects at a time.

I have so many ideas floating around my brain at one time, it’s sometimes exhausting.

Getting focused and remaining focused are key if you want to increase your revenue and results.

But where do you start?

Let me show you…

First off, it’s all about your niche. WHO are you serving?

Men? Women? Teenagers? Women over 50? Men under 50? Couples? Retired couples over 60?

When I first started out coaching I served everyone, and it was exhausting! From men with high blood pressure, to women with breast cancer, to families who wanted to eat better, to women wanting to lose weight, to overworked corporate stressed moms, I did it all.

What’s ‘bad’ about this, aside from being exhausting you, is that you don’t become known as the ‘expert’ in treating or healing ONE thing. You’re like the buffet of coaching.

What’s ‘good’ about this is that it taught me rather quickly, WHO I really want to work with and WHO I don’t. This allowed me to narrow down who my niche is.

If this is where you are currently at, don’t worry. If you’re in your first year of coaching/consulting, trust me, in due time you’ll hit that exhaustion, shit will hit the fan and you’ll finally realize what clients are actually draining your energy.

After coaching for so many years, I realized one thing I am REALLY good at. And that’s blood sugar management. Although it doesn’t sound sexy, I know that my ideal clients are those that have over 30+ pounds to lose, are diabetic and/or have PCOS.

On the flip side, with business consulting, my ideal client is ME!! Or was me – The girl that had no idea what an avatar was, how to write sales copy, how to niche down, write strategic blog posts, hone in on her message, optimize marketing in the online world, build a list and create a healthy and wealthy life around coaching.

Knowing this has allowed me to focus on specific content and messaging, mainly when it comes to one-on-one coaching. THESE are the type of people I want to coach and work with.

Getting focused is like working a muscle. It takes time to build and the more you try new things, test different niches and work with a variety of people, you’ll have more clarity around WHO you want to work with, WHAT is it you specialize in, and HOW you can serve.

If you currently know who you want to work with, GREAT! I encourage you to spend time mapping out what you can offer your niche this year.

What are they struggling with? What are their pain points? How can you help?

List out different topics that relate to your niche. This will help you when writing blogs, posting on social media and designing an online program, if that’s your thing.

Cheers to getting focused this year and achieving more!

P.S. I’m looking to teach someone all my knowledge, share my skills, and bring more depth, speed and power to their already great process. What lies ahead for me in 2017 is training others to become more powerful and create more possibility in their lives and business. I’d love to see if we are a match! Or perhaps you have someone you can send my way? If you’d like to discuss this further, please schedule in a complimentary call in my online calendar by clicking here.