The Formula for Success

I was recently at a Nutrition seminar specific for a course I’m enrolled in and I sat back and paid attention to the other practitioners in the room who were looking for answers as to how to grow their practice.

Now we were there learning about insulin, metabolism, sports nutrition and a host of other topics and it was very interactive.

We got to share what we’ve been doing with our clients and what’s been working and not working for them, which lead into conversation about how many clients we’re seeing each month, to what we’re charging and so on and so on.

It was clear that not only did these practitioners want health information, but they got really engaged when the topic changed to business, success and growth.

Do you ever find that you go to a seminar, or attend an online webinar, in the hopes that you’re going to GET THE ANSWER to growing your business?

That this ONE webinar or this ONE person is going to give you the exact formula to success and you’re going to walk away knowing exactly what you need to do?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I know the feeling ALL to well.

Now I’m all for duplicating or mimicking what others are doing in the industry. I mean, I have many mentors who are incredible at writing sales copy, know exactly how to word-smith a webinar, are amazing at creating sales funnels OR health professionals that have amazing branding, incredible online programs and amazing client systems in place.

I take this and make it MY OWN. There is no COPYING here, but taking something that has already been done and reworking it to make it work for you!

Theres no reason to recreate the wheel, it’s just about recreating in your own way, so it represents you and your message.

So then what exactly is the formula to success?

As I sat there during the nutrition seminar listening to others get overwhelmed about not having enough clients or not knowing what to charge and more than anything – under charging, I realized one simple thing.


It’s all about consistency.

I’ve been coaching for over 12 years now and its only been in the last 3 years where I decided to jump fully into the online space.

And here’s what I can tell you:

I’ve been consistent.

Not every day, or even every week (because I am human after all).

But consistently putting out content, writing, launching programs, giving talks, hosting webinars, writing my weekly newsletters, asking for referrals, investing in myself, learning marketing and more than anything, SHOWING UP.

As each year passes, my following grows, my clients referrals grow, my online programs fill with more people, I hear more and more thank you’s from people implementing my advice (even if it’s just free advice from my site), my income increases and more opportunities show up.

It’s all about consistency.

Not every day is easy and there are some serious emotional ups and downs, but I consistently work for my dreams because I know with each little step (big or small), day by day, a little becomes a lot.

Are you being consistent in your business?

What areas might you need to be more consistent in? Is it writing? Creating videos? Posting on social media and connecting with your audience more frequently?

Whatever it is, schedule it in! Because if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.

I hope this message helps you to become more consistent in your business and to fully show up for your dreams.

Now get to it!



How to Get Focused for More Revenue and Results

I’m curious, have you spent time thinking about what your year ahead will look like? Are you getting focused and setting goals?

I think it’s safe to say we all lack focus at one time or another, especially with our busy entrepreneurial brains, it’s easy to get distracted and jump into numerous projects at a time.

I have so many ideas floating around my brain at one time, it’s sometimes exhausting.

Getting focused and remaining focused are key if you want to increase your revenue and results.

But where do you start?

Let me show you…

First off, it’s all about your niche. WHO are you serving?

Men? Women? Teenagers? Women over 50? Men under 50? Couples? Retired couples over 60?

When I first started out coaching I served everyone, and it was exhausting! From men with high blood pressure, to women with breast cancer, to families who wanted to eat better, to women wanting to lose weight, to overworked corporate stressed moms, I did it all.

What’s ‘bad’ about this, aside from being exhausting you, is that you don’t become known as the ‘expert’ in treating or healing ONE thing. You’re like the buffet of coaching.

What’s ‘good’ about this is that it taught me rather quickly, WHO I really want to work with and WHO I don’t. This allowed me to narrow down who my niche is.

If this is where you are currently at, don’t worry. If you’re in your first year of coaching/consulting, trust me, in due time you’ll hit that exhaustion, shit will hit the fan and you’ll finally realize what clients are actually draining your energy.

After coaching for so many years, I realized one thing I am REALLY good at. And that’s blood sugar management. Although it doesn’t sound sexy, I know that my ideal clients are those that have over 30+ pounds to lose, are diabetic and/or have PCOS.

On the flip side, with business consulting, my ideal client is ME!! Or was me – The girl that had no idea what an avatar was, how to write sales copy, how to niche down, write strategic blog posts, hone in on her message, optimize marketing in the online world, build a list and create a healthy and wealthy life around coaching.

Knowing this has allowed me to focus on specific content and messaging, mainly when it comes to one-on-one coaching. THESE are the type of people I want to coach and work with.

Getting focused is like working a muscle. It takes time to build and the more you try new things, test different niches and work with a variety of people, you’ll have more clarity around WHO you want to work with, WHAT is it you specialize in, and HOW you can serve.

If you currently know who you want to work with, GREAT! I encourage you to spend time mapping out what you can offer your niche this year.

What are they struggling with? What are their pain points? How can you help?

List out different topics that relate to your niche. This will help you when writing blogs, posting on social media and designing an online program, if that’s your thing.

Cheers to getting focused this year and achieving more!

P.S. I’m looking to teach someone all my knowledge, share my skills, and bring more depth, speed and power to their already great process. What lies ahead for me in 2017 is training others to become more powerful and create more possibility in their lives and business. I’d love to see if we are a match! Or perhaps you have someone you can send my way? If you’d like to discuss this further, please schedule in a complimentary call in my online calendar by clicking here. 

Your $5K Launch Plan Part 2

There was such an amazing response to last weeks 5K Launch Plan email, which makes sharing today’s email even more exciting because clearly, you’re interested in this info!

And there’s a good chance you’re in creation mode right now, or I’ve been getting your “what program do I launch” wheels turning!

So… let’s dive into promotion. {WARNING – Lots of amazing content ahead!}

Now that you’ve got your program set to go and you’re excited to launch, you’re probably thinking, “who the heck is going to buy my product?”

Good question!

Well, your niche is going to buy your product.

Remember this, if you’re speaking to everybody, you’re speaking to NOBODY!

So if you’re launching a cleanse/detox/reboot, WHO is that really for?

Is it for peri-menopausal women who are stressed, fatigued and putting everyone else ahead of them and feel lost with what to cook for dinner?

Or is it for 30-something entrepreneurs who are on the-go, eat fast food, gaining weight and feel completely lost with nutrition?

Whoever it is, it’s important to mention these things as you market.

For example, when I send out an email about my 30 day transformation program or my 3 month coaching program, I state boldly who will benefit from my program and who won’t benefit from my program.

This isn’t limiting you, this is bringing you the RIGHT customers and clients.

So let’s look at a few ways to promote your program:

  1. Speaking/Events – what companies can you speak at? Do you have friends that work at these companies who can connect you with the right person? What about local gyms? Yoga Studios? Health Food Stores? There are plenty of places you can speak at. And remember, this is a FREE talk. Who wouldn’t want you to come in and offer value to their customers or employees for FREE?

But here’s what’s key! You HAVE to collect email addresses. Just simply hand out a sign up sheet and let all the participants know that you have some free info you’ll be sending them later. This way you can email them a follow up and gently promote your programs and offers if they are interested in working with you further. EASY!

2. Social Media – this one is a given. But here’s how you can stand out. Get yourself over to and sign up for a free account. You can create beautiful images that are perfect for posting on social media. You can also create Facebook ads, ebook covers and TONS of other stuff to! You’ll love this site!

Create images that relate to your cleanse/detox/reboot program, but more importantly, point to the benefits and/or pain points. For example, I might create an image that includes a raspberry smoothie and then add some text that speaks about how beneficial raspberries are for cancer, anti-aging and support liver detoxification due to their vitamin C content.

Then in my post I mention how this is one of the smoothies in my detox program. I might say something like,

“Ready for a reboot? This delicious raspberry smoothie is loaded with nutrients to cleanse the liver, support hormonal balance and give you glowing skin. You’ll find this smoothie and 10 others in my 14 Day Liver Detox program. It’s the perfect program for anyone looking to balance hormones, clear their skin, kick PMS to the curb and get their energy back!” 

I would suggest creating 7 or 8 images you can use on Instagram and Facebook during your launch period. You can rotate through your images and ALWAYS be sure to share the link to your sales page where people can sign up and when using Instagram, be sure your link is in your profile.

  1. Your email list – If you don’t currently have a list, don’t worry. You definitely want to start building this asap, but in the meantime, you have lots of other platforms, i.e.. social media, that you can use. But if you do have a list, great! 2-3 weeks leading up to your launch, start to send newsletters that are FULL of valuable information and really point to the pain points that relate to your offering.

Share recipes, share detox tips and strategies, share a personal health story of breakdowns and breakthroughs. If you have before and afters of clients, share those! It’s all about sharing content that relates to your program and get’s people excited about what’s to come.

  1. Your blog/website – write articles/blog posts that relate to your program. Think of this just like sending a newsletter to your list, it’s just now in the form of a blog. You would technically do the same as above, i.e., share recipes, tips, tricks, detox strategies, but you can share more content, add in images, etc. At the end of your blog, be sure to mention that your detox program is launching soon. Do you have waiting list they can sign up on? If so, great! Be sure to share this link EVERYWHERE so you have a targeted list of people you can promote to.

Be sure to share these articles/blogs on Facebook. This will increase traffic to your site and generate interest for your program.

  1. Facebook ads – if you have the budget for ads, this is a great way to promote your program. However, just sending someone to a sales page to buy your product without them really knowing who you are isn’t the best idea, this is why sending them to a blog post or a free opt-in is best. This way you can get them on your list and promote to them that way.

Ads are great as you can target specific audiences and grow your list fairly quick. If your cleanse/detox/reboot is something you’ll be running 2 or 3 times a year, think of a free opt-in that compliments your program. Then you can build your list with your free opt-in –> send newsletters and high value info to your list –> then sell your program to your list.

  1. Podcasts – there are TONS of podcasts these days and all you simply need to do is write out a list of the ones you’d like to be featured on, send off an email to the producer or host, tell them who are and the value you can bring to their audience and let them know you’d love to be a guest. Done. Podcasts are always looking for new people to interview and this is a great way to get your message out to the world and promote your programs.
  1. Webinars – The 5 Best Strategies to Balance Your Hormones and Shed Excess Weight. What woman wouldn’t sign up for that webinar? Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience, share about who you are and what you do, plus you can share amazing information that relates to your program. You can either sell right from your webinar during your ‘cart-open’ period, or use webinars to grow your list.

Have I exhausted your brain yet or what?

There are multiple ways to promote your program, what’s important is that you take the time to map out your launch period, what your strategy is going to be, get organized, and start to DO the work.

Happy launching!

Your $5K Launch Plan Part 1

 Have you launched a program or product before? What about a new service?

There are multiple ways to do it and I’m going to share with you my strategies for a successful $5K Launch.

In fact, I’m sure as a women-preneur, you’ve had certain anxieties about your business and growth and have probably asked yourself questions like:

“What is my next month going to look like?”
“Am I all set to rock it for fall/spring/the new year?”
“Is my list big enough?”

“Do I have excited potential buyers ready to rock it out with me in my new programs?”

I’m sure you have these voices going on in your head and trust me, it’s normal.

Whether you’ve launched an online program in the past or not, the steps I share with you in this post will help you get your launch set up for success.

This is where YOU come in!

YOU are the expert, YOU have the solution and only YOU can help your ideal niche and audience achieve their goals.

So let’s take a really quick dive into what your next launch COULD look like if you get started today!

Ready for it?

Let’s say you design a quick and easy to follow 7-day, 10-day or 21-day detox/cleanse/jumpstart/reboot program.

This is totally doable.

You can whip together a healthy detox friendly meal plan, add in recipes, create a quick success checklist, and I’m sure you already have information you can repurpose to give – for example – information on digestion, hormones, exercise, maybe you even have a workout program you could offer as a bonus or you have tips on how to de-stress?

Either way, I am SURE you have tons of information you can already pull together. Give yourself 3-5 days to put it all together and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a low-barrier program to offer to people.

What about design? Simply put this entire program into a WORD document, head on over to and hire someone for FIVE BUCKS to design you a nice and elegant ebook.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to sell.
You can share this program via social media, your email list and anybody and everybody!

I literally talk to people in the grocery store line. Clients are everywhere, just get talking and show people how excited you are to do the work you do!

Pick the dates your “cart will be open.”
You offer your program for $79 (complete with a meal plan, Facebook group support, recipes, handouts, workouts and tons of community support!).

You enrol 15 people (totally doable!)

That’s 15 x $79 = $1185

During your program you connect with your participants, offer tips in your Facebook group, share more recipes, maybe even do some Live Facebook Q&A. Bottom line, you show them more about who you are and really build a relationship with them.

After the cleanse, you invite your participants to book in a 30-minute complimentary call to discuss how the cleanse went, what their goals are, what more they would like to achieve with their health and of course, offer them some tips to move forward.
The point of these calls is to enrol them into your higher priced programs and services.

Maybe this is group coaching, or one-on-one single coaching sessions, or a 3 month service or 8 week package.

So you book 7 complimentary calls out of the 15.

4 of those calls take you up on your premium coaching services at $997. 
That’s 4 x $997 = $3988.

Sweet right?

This means that your total revenue from your online program + private coaching for January = $5186.

This is why offering a low cost program is great for getting you higher paying clients and selling out your more premium services.

Best part is, you know have a completed online program that you can offer again in just a few months!

These numbers are also conservative.

Perhaps you already have an online program worth $197 or your premium coaching is $1500?

Either way, it’s totally possible to bring in $5K next month from simply a low-barrier program.

So you might be wondering what are the best ways to promote your program and enrol people?

I’ll be sharing lots of tips and strategies in my Part 2, so be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me and let me know. Just click here to send me an email and let’s connect.