Inside My 10K Launch Part 1

I’m so excited to dive into the behind the scenes of my recent $10K launch for my CleanBeautyU program.

If you’ve ever thought about launching an online program or have done so already, gaining new insights and knowledge from others who have launched is always beneficial.

But here’s what’s important to note – everybody has their own unique way of launching and running their business.

And that’s what makes you and your business special.

So ready to dive in?

This post will most likely be a 2 or even 3 part email series as there are different areas to focus on when it comes to launching and I want to be sure I give you all the juicy details.


First, it’s important that I take you back to last year when this program first started and was created:

  1. Last year I decided to create a program called CleanBeautyU.I felt like this was a topic that most people in my industry weren’t focusing on, let alone, creating a program around. And being that I work with women’s hormonal health, beauty care is a topic not often talked about in relation to hormones.
  2. The program was created out of my passion for all things clean beauty and also seeing and hearing that my community was interested in acne/wrinkles/aging/eczema, etc.
  3. And so, I created an outline of what the course would consist of (6 live training modules) and started to create ebooks and information around natural beauty care that would be apart of the program.
  4. I DID NOT record or create the modules in advance. I created them a few days before teaching them live (once the participants already joined the program). I already had the outline of course, but I sold the program without having the modules created.

This created less stress for me. I only needed to focus on creating 1 module a week prior to the live training. It worked out perfectly.

  1. I created a wait list for my CleanBeautyU program – letting people know months in advance that I was working on this type of program, and for those interested, to get on the wait list to be the first to know when it launches + receive a discount. About 200 people joined that list + I also had my main list to promote to.
  2. So, the outline was created, I wrote my sales copy for my sale page, hired someone to design my sales page, tested it, made sure everything was running smoothly and then set a date for the cart open period.

IMPORTANT – I knew I wanted to launch it in late June of last year and so that meant I was creating/testing/working on this project in April 2016.


  1. Everything is ready to go and so I set my cart open period for roughly 7-10 days, with an early bird bonus of $100 savings. (early bird $197, regular price $297).

IMPORTANT – leading up to the cart open period, I was emailing my list for 6-8 weeks in advance with ALL THINGS BEAUTY CARE. You can’t just launch a program and BAM, let your list know it’s ready to purchase. You have to give a TON OF VALUE leading up to the program, letting them know what’s to come, what you’re working on AND give solutions to problems they are already experiencing, in my case, issues such as cystic acne, cellulite, eczema, hormonal imbalances, etc.

You have to GIVE away your best stuff. This way, when the program launches, they will be so excited to join because they’ve already become such a huge fan of yours and know you give quality information and support.

  1. SO, the cart opens. I scheduled a webinar during the cart open period to give a behind the scenes look at what the program was all about + dive into beauty care solutions (a mix of value + selling).
  2. During the cart open, I email my list daily, sharing tons of value, offering solutions and promoting my program non-stop. People need to see your course/offer numerous times before deciding to buy. SEND LOTS OF EMAILS. I know this makes so many people nervous, but trust me, it’s important.

IMPORTANT – You can’t just send 1 or 2 emails if your cart is open for 7-10 days. Chances of people buying or even seeing your emails are slim. Be consistent and email often.

  1. Over the course of 7-10 days I sell 28 spots into my program for a grand total of $5516. Payout for sales page and design work – $700. Facebook Ads – $100.
  2. Being this was the first time I ran this program, I taught it live. I already had the live training dates pre scheduled, so when people joined the program, they knew when those trainings would be. From mid June – end of July, (6 weeks), I ran my live CleanBeautyU trainings.
  3. The live trainings were great as it allowed me to connect with the community on a deeper level and gave me the opportunity to record all the trainings.
  4. The program was jam packed with information and value – 4 different ebooks, live trainings, FB group support and discounts and specials for certain beauty care products.
  5. Over the 6 weeks I connected with my community in the FB group, giving value and looking for feedback.
  6. And that was pretty much was the first round launch of my CleanBeautyU program looked like.

It was a success.

I had 28 women join.

I got amazing feedback and testimonials.

And so, for my second launch, which generated over $10K, I updated the program, had affiliates help me sell and made a few tweaks.

I’ll be sharing that entire process with you in the next post, PART 2.

Stay tuned for that coming at you next week!

In the meantime, if you have questions or perhaps, are ready to finally get support and create some structure and success with your business, let me know.

Simply email me and let’s schedule in a call to dive into your business and create your first (or second) successful online launch!

I’m here to help!






9 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Let’s talk list building.

It’s the most important part of your online business. (I know, I know, I keep saying that!).

It’s how you speak to your tribe, connect with your tribe, offer value, make sales and ultimately grow your business.

Your list is something you need to be focusing on daily. Having a system in place to connect with your subscribers and a plan of action for connecting with those subscribers will be incredibly valuable to your business and growth.

So let’s talk about some free ways you can grow your email list starting right now!

#1 – Make clear and specific CALLS TO ACTION – have a clear button or link for people to click on to sign up for your newsletter. Make it simple, visible and easy for people to access.

#2 – Make it easy for people to share your content – simply ask people to share your content. I mean, how easy is it to ask? Again, a button or a link works well and literally tell people how to share the info. (remember, not everyone is computer savvy).

#3 – Use a pop up banner on your site – you can create this through Hellobar, mail chimp, leadpages or through different wordpress plugins. Just don’t be the annoying pop up that shows up every second on every page of your site.

#4 – Highlight a blog post throughout social media – wrote something really juicy? Share it on your social media platforms and ask for people to share it if they loved the info and found it valuable.

#5 – When speaking or at events, have people sign up – bring a pen and a paper and simply ask people for their names and emails. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Be sure to tell them why you’re collecting their emails and then add them to your list.

#6 – Create/write free content – of course you will be doing this on your own site, but reach out to other popular sites and blogs and ask to submit an article.

#7 – Go on forums and offer value – there are TONS of forums online. From fertility, to depression, to business, to yoga and fitness. Get on there, share info, answer questions and show the people who’s boss!

#8 – Run an online challenge – first you really need to know who your niche is and then offer them a challenge (maybe a 7 day or 14 day challenge) that they just can’t resist.

#9 – Create something incredibly valuable that people want and will share – this can be a free ebook, video series, checklist or worksheet that is geared strictly to your niche and something that they really want and are excited for. Remember, you’re solving a problem. Giving someone a green smoothie recipe guide sounds great, but what problem are you solving for your niche?

Hope these ideas get you started on building and growing your list today!