How to Get Ravings Fans That Pay You Big Bucks!

If you were to tell me 5 years years ago that I would have a waiting list of women wanting to work with me and a successful online business, I would have thought you were crazy!

I can honestly tell you though, the time, energy and dedication it took to get to ‘waiting-list status,’ took a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Here’s how I did it (and exactly what you need to do too!)

  1. I fiercely committed my time to providing valuable content. From recipes, to blogs, to social media posts; I committed to posting daily and weekly, sharing amazing, incredible information. And I’m not just talking about giving people a small piece of the pie, I’m talking about giving your best stuff away… for free! Yes, free! You need to be willing to give away your best content for free.

THIS is how you get raving customers.

You first have to turn them into fans and then you can turn them into customers.

  1. I put myself out there. Of course if I’m blogging and posting on social media regularly, then of course I’m ‘out there,’ but what I really mean is that you need to literally tell people WHAT you do and that you are available for calls and appointments. People need to hear this from you. I go on Facebook and promote my services all the time and if you want raving customers, you need to do this. This really does require some lady balls and confidence, but I promise; the more you do it, the more you’ll be comfortable with it.
  1. You have to understand social media and how the different platforms work. For example, both Instagram and Facebook are very visually compelling. So, don’t go on there and just post an ok photo or post super long text. The images need to speak for themselves and get your fans interested. Twitter is different and is more text based. Go on there and share an incredible health stat or give an amazing health tip in under 140 characters. Knowing how these platforms work and function will make it easier for you to use, as well as for you to communicate to your audience.
  1. And the biggest tip of all…. (drum roll please), you NEED to offer complimentary consult calls, especially if you are selling a high priced service or program. I never ever put my prices for my programs on my website or email them over to a potential client. I ALWAYS schedule complimentary calls with potential clients, speak with them on the phone, understand them, listen to them, know why they might have failed at a program in the past and create a relationship with them before I EVER tell them the price of my program. I keep time open in my calendar on a weekly basis to schedule in complimentary calls and I’ve been doing this now for over a year. THIS is how I get raving customers who pay me the big bucks.

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this info, instead, feel empowered! Choose one of the tips from above and start implementing it today!

I want you to feel empowered, confident and successful in your business. If you need help or support in gaining more clarity, momentum and MOOLA with your clients and in your business, don’t hesitate to email me at to set up a call.


9 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Let’s talk list building.

It’s the most important part of your online business. (I know, I know, I keep saying that!).

It’s how you speak to your tribe, connect with your tribe, offer value, make sales and ultimately grow your business.

Your list is something you need to be focusing on daily. Having a system in place to connect with your subscribers and a plan of action for connecting with those subscribers will be incredibly valuable to your business and growth.

So let’s talk about some free ways you can grow your email list starting right now!

#1 – Make clear and specific CALLS TO ACTION – have a clear button or link for people to click on to sign up for your newsletter. Make it simple, visible and easy for people to access.

#2 – Make it easy for people to share your content – simply ask people to share your content. I mean, how easy is it to ask? Again, a button or a link works well and literally tell people how to share the info. (remember, not everyone is computer savvy).

#3 – Use a pop up banner on your site – you can create this through Hellobar, mail chimp, leadpages or through different wordpress plugins. Just don’t be the annoying pop up that shows up every second on every page of your site.

#4 – Highlight a blog post throughout social media – wrote something really juicy? Share it on your social media platforms and ask for people to share it if they loved the info and found it valuable.

#5 – When speaking or at events, have people sign up – bring a pen and a paper and simply ask people for their names and emails. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Be sure to tell them why you’re collecting their emails and then add them to your list.

#6 – Create/write free content – of course you will be doing this on your own site, but reach out to other popular sites and blogs and ask to submit an article.

#7 – Go on forums and offer value – there are TONS of forums online. From fertility, to depression, to business, to yoga and fitness. Get on there, share info, answer questions and show the people who’s boss!

#8 – Run an online challenge – first you really need to know who your niche is and then offer them a challenge (maybe a 7 day or 14 day challenge) that they just can’t resist.

#9 – Create something incredibly valuable that people want and will share – this can be a free ebook, video series, checklist or worksheet that is geared strictly to your niche and something that they really want and are excited for. Remember, you’re solving a problem. Giving someone a green smoothie recipe guide sounds great, but what problem are you solving for your niche?

Hope these ideas get you started on building and growing your list today!