Hey there!

I'm Samantha.

I help health and wellness coaches and online service providers find their soul-aligned clients, gain the confidence and marketing skills to grow their online business and up-level their bank account.

(ps. There’s no bro-marketing and BS over here. In fact, we’re going to ditch the extremely Patriarchal and masculine way of doing business!)


It all started with becoming a personal trainer and working with clients 1-1. From there, I went on to become a nutritionist and studied through the Canadian school of natural nutrition.

I’ll never forget being in my business class at CSNN and hearing my teacher say, “you know you could charge $75 an hour to work with clients?!” My eyes lit up! I instantly said to myself “I’m gonna make a lot of money doing exactly what I love!”

So I graduated, printed some business cards, set up a not-so-great website and was ready for all the clients. And well... none came banging down my door.

I made no money. I didn’t even know how the hell to get clients. And when I did magically land a client, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I was trying to work with everybody - men, women, kids health, families, you name it.


I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed
with how to help people.

So I got a job. I worked in a health food store part time, taught kick boxing classes, randomly got some clients here and there and eventually landed a full time job managing a health food store. After a year and a half I got really tired working in the same ol’ store everyday and got a job as a sales rep working for a supplement company.

Being on the road and managing a large territory across south-west Ontario felt great - until it didn’t. I was making great money but I wasn’t happy. I had a boss looking over my shoulder non-stop, calling me at 8am (FYI- I’m NOT an early riser) and I felt confined. Working for someone else and having them be in control of my vacation time and financial potential did not feel good.

Well, I ended up getting fired and sure enough went on to work as a sales rep for yet another supplement company. I kept thinking the NEXT job would be better and make me happier - and it never did.

Long story short - I got fired from this job too! Let’s just say, I’m totally Unemployable. I started putting more energy into my ‘sort-of’ business - writing blogs, showing up on social media, getting clearer on the type of people I wanted to work with and my zone of genius.

I went ALL IN on my business.

So, after getting fired for the second time,

There was no plan B. I studied marketing, branding, social media, funnels and all things online business - because I had to. I had to learn these skills in order to grow and scale a business.

I had $4000 in my bank account and hired my first business coach. I literally cried when I made the investment because I had no idea how the heck I was going to make it all work.

Something that kept me stuck for years (and there’s a good chance you’re doing it too...) - I got caught up in the cycle thinking that I needed more courses and designations after my name and THAT would bring more clients my way. Nope - not AT ALL true! Thousands of dollars later spent on nutrition courses, clients still didn’t come-a-knockin.

In the beginning stages of my business, I busted my ass. I consistently shared content. I spoke for free. I blogged a lot. I grew some balls and started pitching myself to podcasts. I increased my rates so that I could actually put food on my table and not just buy a pack of gum!


I took daily consistent action. Imperfect action. Day by day, the littlest actions created something big.

There was no secret formula. I just moved forward in light of uncertainty.

After hard work and consistent daily action, I grew my business to multiple six figures, worked with thousands of women all over the globe, wrote a book which became an Amazon best seller and launched one of Canada’s top podcast with over 1MM downloads.

I learned how to market myself - that’s what helped me grow and scale my business. In fact, I fell in love with marketing. Writing sales copy, implementing tech, creating sales funnels, growing social media, running Facebook ads and learning sales.

Marketing & sales became my expertise. It became the thing I wanted to talk about all the time.

I’ve been in your shoes. I get the struggle, the overwhelm, the confusion and the constant doubt that it’s just not going to work out; that you’re gonna have to get a 9-5 job and be stuck forever.

I see many practitioners and coaches struggle with taking what they know and how to turn it into a program or system to help their clients.

It's important that you work on the things that will actually move your business forward.

If you are...

randomly posting on social media

writing blog posts

educating your audience with no call to action

not working on a system/signature program to take your clients through

only doing 1-off coaching calls with clients...

You will NOT grow your business this way.

Let me help.

I see many coaches posting on social media thinking that's how you bring in clients and that actually couldn't be farther from the truth.

If you are posting with no call to action, no plan, no strategy or don't have a funnel in place to lead these prospects through - you are leaving money on the table.

You have to focus on the things that actually move the needle and that’s really hard to know when you’re brand new in business - that’s where I come in.

What most coaches are missing is - a strategy, a plan and a system. Without this, your business will fall flat and as your business mentor, that’s exactly what I’ll help you put in place.


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