You don’t need another course or more initials after your name.

You need
a coach.

Someone to help bring your vision to life.

Yes, You Can Hit 6-Figures and Beyond in Your Business…

Master your sales game & download my 4-step sales process for a 6-figure business -- FINALLY get the exact tools you need to grow and scale your online business! This 20+ page workbook is FREE!


What if you didn’t have to figure out how to run your online business all on your own?

How amazing would it feel knowing you have a plan in place for making more sustainable and passive income? No more guessing when you’ll be paid and anxious about the money not showing up.

Imagine reaching more people who need your help, transforming their health and their lives all without the struggle, the hustle, the overworking, and the overdoing?

That’s where I come in. Let me help.

Hey there! I’m Samantha.

No BS Business Mentor, Lead Gen & Sales Expert and Lover of All Things Online Marketing (and Food!).

I’m also a cat lover, epic baker and the CEO of - an online business that helps women optimize their health and hormones.

From launching a podcast with over 1MM downloads, to writing an Amazon best-selling book and working with thousands of women all over the globe - I know exactly how to help you grow and scale your online wellness and coaching business and up-level your bank account - with alignment, ease and flow (none of this masculine patriarchy on my watch!)


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Master your sales game & download my FREE ultimate 4-step sales process for a 6-figure business -- FINALLY get the exact tools you need to grow and scale your online business!


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On the blog, I share behind-the-scenes, tips, strategies, and juicy practices that I have used in my biz to go from sad-unexcited-9-to-5er to building a multi 6 figure biz.


Want to Hit Six Figures This Year?

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Master your sales game & finally put a plan in place that will help you hit your revenue goals, bring in consistent leads and grow and scale your business.


The step-by-step system you need to put in place this year to make more money.

How to effectively stand out from your competition to rev up your sales numbers –including my exact formula for finding your pricing “sweet spot” and creating products that your leads can't wait to buy!

7 must-know tips for creating a winning webinar that brings in a consistent stream of prospects and money – including the refreshingly simple secret to turning webinar viewers into buyers.